Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Myth of Obama's Executive Orders and the So Called "Bypass of Congress"

The Government Criminal Organizations (GCO), in this case, the Washington version, including the White House, the Congress, and the Courts, act in collusion and in conjunction, and coordinate their actions.

Any individual exceptions are few and very rare, and even then, if they are one of the "radicals" they take full advantage of waging an aggressive offense, knowing full well their measures, legislation, projects, programs will never see the light of day, much less have any chance of actually becoming a law that will then be enforced; similarly with the pretense of Constitutional protections.  So they can rant and rave and "filibuster," and have no effect, get lots of publicity, and yet do nothing, and yet because of the show, they are not held accountable.

Today the national ruse, the joke of the union, is that Obama is somehow BYPASSING Congress by issuing Executive Orders to, ostensibly, enact rules to limit gun sales and gun ownership.  The clown makes a sham of the Office of the Presidency by shedding tears for his cause, but the continuing farce, the lunacy, is the narrative that he is somehow BYPASSING Congress in issuing his executive orders.

Of course there are "guffaws" and "ahems" and choking noises from Rino's and Conservatives alike, apparently outraged at Obama's actions.

But please ask. Please look:  How can Congress be BYPASSED, when they are totally and completely in the tank for Obama?  Congress has just passed an Omnibus Bill funding anything and everything Obama wanted, "in order to not appear like they were shutting down the government."

Well, this just gets them totally off the hook, doesn't it?

Can you just hear the deals behind closed doors?  Obama says:  "Hey you fund everything I want, and I'll give you outrageous executive orders to get you off the hook."  Can you just hear one of them, possibly John Boehner, pleading with Obama, "Hey, I really get off on crocodile tears.  Could you cry for the cameras?  That would Soooooo humanize you."  And of course, can't you just hear Obama saying, "Hey, I'll put on a dress and dance on the podium if you want, but if all you want is tears, you got 'em!"

Obama cries, and "bypasses" with executive orders, and Congress expresses fake outrage, and upset, and guess what?  YOU, (WE) are cooked. Soaked.  Bilked. Shafted.

So GOOD MORNING fellow citizens.

At this point we have NO government: there is only a criminal racket occupying  Washington and that criminal enterprise controls a mega-ton of state, county, and municipal governments.

Would that we at least had Articles of Confederation, at least something that would address our basic needs as "the governed" as laid out in the Preamble to the Constitution.  We have not even that.

Instead  we have  a criminal racket that couldn't solve its way out of their own toilet if they had to. Look at the product; look at the result. It's supposed to be a "government BY THE PEOPLE ... for the people.

What are "they" actually producing? What results from their "efforts?"

The lined pockets of criminal thugs dressed in suits, sitting in plush offices paid for by the plunder of those they are supposed to serve; severe deterioration of the social fabric; bribes from foreign governments and special interests; legislation of favored status for themselves and their "benefactors" and co-conspirators.

How do we solve this?

We refuse the pretense.  WE BYPASS the facade.  We  Build a culture, a representative government from the ground up: On our block; in our neighborhood; in our town; in our district;  WE have to be willing to confront, handle and control the "government mafia" and create our own self interest right on our own sidewalk.

We start here and expand outward. We take our immediate  territory, not with tyranny, but with sanity and determination, and THEN we hold it, and then we expand from there:  One block at a time; One ranch at a time;  one neighborhood at a time; one street; one village; and once we have enough reclaimed areas that we control, THEN we create a NETWORK, and thus we build the civilization.

Do not be fooled.  There is no "civilization"  "out there."   There is something that appears to be a society,   but that is merely a chaotic entity covered with social veneer, and a very thin one at that.  Mostly there is a network of dysfunctional confusions pretending to be actual organizations, and yet, there are those who compete to control those confusions.

All that bogus, pretended society must be BYPASSED and a FOUNDATION, however basic, however small, however necessary, must be built one brick at a time to create a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure our individual and social tranquility, provide for our common defense, and secure the blessings of Liberty for ourselves and our posterity.

There will always be criminals and scoundrels, but they need not be a part of our culture nor do we need to be part of theirs.