Thursday, August 4, 2016

Millions for Iran In Exchange for Hostages? Baloney!

You know the story.  A hefty dose of millions has been given to Iran.  The story goes that the money was transported "secretly" in foreign denominations as "ransom" money in exchange for the release of hostages.  That's the big "controversy."  (You can read about THAT Here if you don't already know about it.)

Well if it's such a big secret, how do we know about it?

Ah.  Well, you know about it because someone on the "inside" leaked it to a reporter and now you have the info on this.

I am here to tell you, that is not how it went down.

My take is this:

The Obamistas, including Hillary, Kerry, and all the Bozo's on their bus saw a pile of money just sitting there, and an Iranian regime salivating over it, willing to do just about anything for it, so they can finance their "state-sponsored" terrorism.

So the Obamistas tell the Iranian ghouls:  "Hey, we can get that money released for you ... for a price.  How can we pull this off, you ask?  We deliver it to you in CASH.  And that's how you pay Obama and Company.  We make this "tiny" commission ($), and you get your money to finance Hamas and all your little terrorist friends around the globe.  While the media and pundits argue about whether it was an exchange for hostages, we bank the cash, and no one will be the wiser."

Please get with it.  These are the same people that have rigged elections and have been fleecing the American people, since just after the American Civil War.

"Millions for Iran" in exchange for hostages?