Tuesday, January 23, 2018



First, we are told that there is a plethora of information leaks from every crevice, corner, keyboard, mouth, or phone. 

Now suddenly there is a document, a "memo," that has to go through all manner of procedural, and probably, vetting processes, so that you or I can be protected from the impact of this devastating information. 

Suddenly there are NO LEAKS. 

Everyone but you has seen it, but there are NO LEAKS. 

Get this:  Because it's "classified." 

I bet if I interviewed YOU, just from the things you know about recent "governmental" shenanigans, you could tell me exactly what's in it. 

It has been hinted that the info in that document has to do with the government spying on you; that it has to do with departments of the government that have been weaponized against you. 

So, now we are going to be surprised and shocked, and shocked and surprised at new evidence that is beyond the pale.

How much "evidence" do you need?

There's no need to repeat that Hillary violated national security with that private email server;  No need to expound upon the Democratic National Committee fixing the election; No need to elaborate about the targeting of citizens by the IRS, the FBI, the CIA, the NSA... etc. etc.

According to "news" reports and other propaganda sources, a multitude of Legislators have already seen the document.   It sounds to me like they are saying to you, "Now wait a minute.  All these wonderful, legitimate, politicians have seen this document, and they aren't running out and clamoring that anyone be hanged for their crimes, so you shouldn't either."

Here's another interesting scenario:  The "Government" is basically saying that it's going to reveal, that the American Constitutional Republic, that YOU thought you were living in, does not exist.  They are admitting it's gone.   Oops.

In the course of revealing that AMERICA is a police state, they are giving you a heads up, and gently telling you, so that you can accept it,  hopefully without too much outrage:

"Hey, Mr. and Mrs. America.  We are announcing that we are officially  a dictatorship.  There is no Republic.  No Constitution.  We're in charge.  We've taken over, and, now that we've told you, you are one of us.  We're letting you in on the secret and we're making you one of the conspirators.  Welcome to the United States of American Socialist Republics."

They are going to tell you not to worry, that everything is under control, and they have your back.

"We're on it, buddy.  You 'n me.  We got this."

Let's stretch this out to the day the "memo" is released, after you are shocked and awed into a political stupor.

What then?

What will you do? 

Here's what the political elite are counting on: 

//We're going to put on our best Sunday garb, and march in protest on Washington D.C. 

Well, we're going to watch the Superbowl first, but then we'll march.  Sort of.//

Are they right?

Or will it be different, this time?

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Ground Zero: Hawaii

After the emergency and the panic caused by the false alarm, that there was a nuclear missile on its way to Hawaii, the finger pointing and blame game began.  Whose fault was it?  Who needed to be accountable?

Naturally people were upset for all the right reasons: They thought they had but a few minutes of Life left to live.  You can imagine the panic and confusion.

It was a mistake, it turns out, an error.  Someone pushed the "wrong button."

Such incidents unfortunately have happened before.  In those cases nuclear catastrophe was imminent, and was not a "false alarm."

Usually it is kept very quiet, and the Hawaii incident is no different.  What has not been mentioned are the disastrous and catastrophic effects that I can only surmise, occurred not just in Hawaii, but in the rest of the world, as that unfortunate incident was unfolding.

Nuclear "mistakes" do not happen in a vacuum.

We are prone to believe that the nuclear warning mistake was contained to Hawaii, but that unfortunately, even if you prefer believing in Santa Claus, is not the case.  Nuclear warnings and alarms, by design, trigger potentially catastrophic responses and actions that can be devastating to the entire planet.

A perceived threat against U.S. territory or an ally,  will set in motion sets of predetermined actions that will trigger massive defensive and offensive actions by our forces internationally in response to the threat.

Additionally this also triggers massive defensive and offensive actions by our allies, and by our adversaries and enemies internationally.

A flock of geese crossed into the U.S. from Canada, for example, last century, and the NORAD early warning system "read" those geese as missiles instead of as a jet.  That radar system was programmed to exclude jets, airliners, and other planes by detecting them as "air breathers,"  with engines that pulled in air in the front and let it out the back.  It was programmed to detect "non-air breathers,"  which would be, missiles.

That system read the flock of geese as missiles, and it set off alarms immediately.  The early warning system did its job.  It warned our military, not that an attack was imminent, but that it was in progress.  It had read that missiles had been launched and they had crossed into our air space, and nuclear bombs would be exploding imminently.  Of course that was horrifying news to all who experienced the alarm.

But that was not all there was to be horrified about.

That system also triggered the U.S. response to the perceived "attack."  You see, the response to the "attack" meant that OUR missiles would now be launched against our perceived attacker,  the Soviet Union, Russia and its allies in Eastern Europe, so you can imagine the "pucker factor" in Russia, when their surveillance revealed that we had initiated our response to attack them.

Very astute and rapid communications between the Soviets and the U.S. halted the aggression on both sides, and we squeaked out of that fiasco within seconds of our total demise.  That incident had prompted the Russians to begin THEIR defense measures also.  According to sources we came less than a minute away from all out nuclear war between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, which would have also included the involvement of allies and foes, Europe, Britain, China, etc.  Such a nuclear exchange would have destroyed much if not all of Life on Earth with the resulting holocaust of radiation.

That was not the only "close call," during the Cold War.  There were others that have been revealed, such as the one during the Cuban Missile Crisis, in which a Soviet Captain of a submarine, ready to launch a nuke at a U.S. ship was stopped by Russian officer aboard that outranked him.  That was at a time, when the Soviets and the Americans were on nuclear hair-trigger alert in that confrontation just off our southeastern shore.

There was another "lucky intervention," by a U.S. spy embedded in the Soviet forces, who alerted the Americans to refrain from certain actions that were going to cause the Soviets to launch a nuclear attack against the U.S. because they believed the U.S. was preparing to launch a first strike against them.

These near-fatal catastrophic incidents point to questions that must be asked, in light of the false alarm in Hawaii.  Those questions are:

*  Is there more to that incident in Hawaii than we have been led to believe?

*  Is the political blame game, the accusations and counter-punches that are occurring via the media, a ruse to cover up what actually happened?

*  Was there actually a missile launched at Hawaii that sensors detected that caused the alarm?

*  If there was actually a missile, was it actually shot down?

*  If there was a missile en route to Hawaii, did our defenses work as they should have?

*  Did we actually avert a nuclear war by creating a narrative that this was only a mistake by a technician, thereby preventing a devastating retaliation, possibly against China, North Korea, and Russia?

*  Did the perceived attack trigger our mainland national defenses?

*  If our national defense actions and responses were triggered, did that affect our adversaries and enemies?

*  Were our adversaries and enemies caused to be on alert due to our defenses being activated?

*  Did our adversaries and enemies arm themselves and initiate retaliation procedures as a result of our defenses being activated?

*  Would not an adversary or an enemy take preemptive measures and initiate defensive measures until they knew for certain that the incident in Hawaii was not a pretext by the U.S. to launch a first strike nuclear attack against North Korea or another enemy?

*  Was this actually an incident of our systems of alert being hacked by an enemy to cause us to launch an attack against an adversary or an enemy?

*  If that was the case, who hacked us and how will we respond to that attack?

These are not rhetorical questions.  These are questions we should be asking and demanding answers from our elected officials, our representatives, and from our government employees.
Why are we (are you?)  so easily satisfied with the quick answer that a lowly technician simply pushed the wrong button; that the alert was cancelled; and that everything is now hunky-dory?

Or is the prospect of raising these issues too scary to confront?

Monday, September 25, 2017

Protesting the NFL ....

Vanguards of Freedom

Today a celebrated few pretend to protest "wrongs" by attacking the very symbols of Freedom that gained for them the right to protest.  This time they do it at football games, refusing to stand, as is customary, for the national anthem.

Everyone knows the protest is a sham.  It is simply a swipe at the celebration of respect for our flag and our military, that which has made our country the bastion and beacon of Freedom that it is.  It is a strike against what we hold dear, "disguised" as a protest of perceived wrongs.

This is not the first time this sort of facade has made an appearance.

Those of you that remember, KNOW what it was like to get reviled:  spit on, accosted, yelled at, discriminated against,  just for wearing your military uniform.

Remember that?  And we also remember those that didn't / couldn't come back from the war.

It brings to mind that some of us are still out there roaming the streets, living in alleys ...  Some of us left much more behind than bad memories. 

I recall well the pictures of a young Jane Fonda, cavorting with the North Vietnamese, the enemy, as some form of "protest?"

Remember those that went to Canada because they did not want to serve?

We fought in battlefields near and far.

We fought so that those here at home could have FREEDOM. We didn't do it for a chosen few. We did it for all our citizens.

And now it is customary to honor those that paid the ultimate price for their country by paying respect to them with our national anthem.  All we have asked is for others to join in to honor them also, for a few seconds at a public event.

But they cannot even do that.

They won't do it because there is nothing of themselves invested in it.  They don't want it. They don't need it.  It's not theirs.

The panty-waist NFL'ers do not even know how to defend the Flag and the Anthem, because it does not belong to them.

They know not what the flag and the anthem stand for, or what they mean, much less what they mean to their patriotic fans.

Socialist/Leftist media and pundits lead the attack of propaganda.  Some pretend to wear the cloak of objectivity to protect their precious jobs, so that tells you what price they sell their loyalty for.  Others propose that there are "more important" issues to confront.

Well, at the bottom of all those issues is exactly this issue of our American foundations.

This is at the root of why criminals that betray our country go free, and Patriots continue to be targeted, punished and repressed by their  Socialist government.

This is WHY the same political elements continue to come back to attack by desecrating and disrespecting our Flag and our Anthem and our fallen fellow warriors.

Apparently there is a President who does understand; who does know; who knows how important this is to Patriots.

That President had the understanding and the courage to stand up to those who think they can bully us into believing that in order to protest some "wrong" we must desecrate that which is dear to us. 

He would not let it stand.  Now he is being attacked, enduring a severe backlash for standing up for warriors who are still serving, for those who served and are still with us, and for those who served and have passed on.

WHERE is the rest of the nation in defense of those who defended THEM?


All those who served.  All those who continue to serve.  All those who stood with the others and faced enemies, so that other Americans did not have to are still here.

We fought for Freedom.  We never stopped fighting for it. WE fought for this because we wanted it.  We took an oath to uphold this, our Flag and our Constitution, and our anthem and all that they stand for, and that oath has never expired.

Today to those who wish to pretend protest to disguise the desecration of that on which their Freedom was built, we issue no warning.  We know your sins. We see your disguises.  We see your outstretched hands as you take the affluence in money, privilege, Freedom and favor that was paid for you in blood.

Today you revel at the expense of others' lives and treasure.

Know this:  Patriots will not let stand the assault on Freedom, because history is not kind to those who trample the Saints of Justice and the Angels of Liberty, for the warriors, the Vanguards of Freedom have always prevailed, and always will.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Too Close for Comfort

The criminal dogs have become rabid, after you discovered them in the chicken coop, bloodied, with chicken parts in their mouths.

This latest convulsion by the lefty socialists against Trump is interestingly coincidental to new revelations about Clinton emails, the discovery of conflicts of interest in the "Special" Counsel, Robert Mueller's investigation team, and potential legal and criminal allegations against former attorney general Lynch, and other Obama administration officials, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, Huma Abedin, etc.

Like a kid with his hand caught in the cookie jar, their immediate reaction is to throw a fit, scream, "I hate you!" and then riot in order to distract and deflect attention from the crime.

The primary question is or should be, "What have we missed," that we should be getting, because, my word, they are getting hot and heavy with the distractions.

And before you go out and get all misty-eyed about it, let me just point out that very few people who intend to protest peacefully, show up with shields and weapons, and/or ready for confrontation and itching for a fight.

This was planned and it was planned and now continues as a loud, violent "movement" because someone is getting too close to the truth. The solution is not to get distracted, not to withdraw, but to move forward and continue to effect Justice on the criminals that now seem upset that their plans have been discovered and thwarted.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Party of Losers

They lost an election they RIGGED, by cheating, spying on Americans, and targeting them.  They abused their power and broke the law. They are trying to cover it up by being accusative and violent and repressive.

You are probably tired of this question, but please, tell me again, WHY are the democrats, who  admittedly  RIGGED the Democrat Primary Election AGAINST Bernie Sanders, accusing the Russians of working with Trump to rig the national elections against Hillary?

The Dems shamelessly admitted to rigging the primary election.  Leaked emails clearly showed this was the case, and Donna Brazile, DNC chairwoman admitted she cheated by giving Presidential debate questions to Hillary Clinton in advance of the debate  (see report about this HERE).

When they did that, because they DECIDED by cheating, who would be Trump's challenger, the Democrats RIGGED the national election.

Now they are upset that they lost an election they RIGGED.

Who loses an election they have RIGGED so they can win?

It is beyond embarrassing to them, because once the general population that makes up the Democrat base looks beyond the talking points, and says, "wait a minute, we did what?" ... the DEMOCRAT party is OVER .

So, we now see the a "major" political party of the United States of America, caught in the criminal act of fixing a U.S. election (and then losing it) convulsing, because they were caught and exposed, and manifesting those convulsions by throwing the prolonged and violent tantrums of trying to shut down conservative free speech, and lashing out with contrived accusations of collusion by the duly elected President.  It is a classic case of psychological perplexity, confusion.  Shrinks call this "cognitive dissonance."
  "... In the field of psychology, cognitive dissonance is the mental discomfort (psychological stress) experienced by a person who simultaneously holds two or more contradictory beliefs, ideas, or values. The occurrence of cognitive dissonance is consequence of a person's performing an action that contradicts personal beliefs, ideals, and values; and also occurs when confronted with new information that contradicts said beliefs, ideals, and values...In A Theory of Cognitive Dissonance (1957), Leon Festinger proposed that human beings strive for internal psychological consistency in order to mentally function in the real world. That a person who experiences internal inconsistency tends to become psychologically uncomfortable, and so is motivated to reduce the cognitive dissonance: either by changing parts of the cognition, to justify the stressful behavior; or by adding new parts to the cognition that causes the psychological dissonance; and by actively avoiding social situations and contradictory information that are likely to increase the magnitude of the cognitive dissonance..." (Wikipedia)
Furthermore, we have learned in recent days that the Obama administration SPIED, not only on Trump Campaign staff, but on other Americans as well, presumably in order to maintain the "Obama-Clinton dynasty," which is a severe violation of Constitutional mandates, and the laws that govern surveillance of Americans, which violations amount to criminal acts against our nation via governmental abuse of power by targeting perceived political enemies.  See that report HERE

The Democrats ( including "the media." ) are trying to close the gap between what they want their reality to be, and what reality actually is, by attacking Trump with false accusations, and throwing violent tantrums to shut down Conservative free speech.

No, they are not upset because they lost the election and are now in "denial," and want to reconcile two conflicting "realities."

They are upset and are having a psychotic breakdown because they got caught cheating, abusing their power and targeting fellow Americans, and are now attempting to cover that up by staging violent protests and attacking the President, and those that legally elected him to that office.

They have been caught committing criminal acts, and are lashing out to avoid accountability for it.  They exhibit the violent convulsions of a condemned criminal enroute to receive his punishment.

They have been caught and their transgressions exposed.

Why have the perpetrators not been arrested, indicted, tried, and punished?

Saturday, March 4, 2017


These so called "leaks" that are giving Trump so much trouble, are much more than just "leaks."  They are attacks upon the Trump administration by specific people, but they are also a "cover-up."

It may be that the Obama administration, believing that they did not have to erase or cover their tracks for whatever misdeeds or mistakes they may have perpetrated that would be incriminating to them, after the election, because they believed they would be succeeded by Hillary Clinton, after she defeated Donald Trump, left too much available for scrutiny, when the election did not go their way.

Emerging and established events have pointed to the possibility that the Obama administration did not have the opportunity in time and action they deemed sufficient to delete or eradicate acts or items that constituted political and legal and/or moral transgressions.

It appears that their solution was to sabotage, obfuscate and obscure, detract and distract, and to attack the character, ability and integrity of the new administration's appointees and employees.

Their misdeeds, judging from the magnitude of the attacks upon the Trump administration, including paid demonstrators, protesters, rioters; media and pundit propaganda perpetrators, and complicit political actors threatening government action for alleged wrongdoings, must, due to the scope of the sabotage, obfuscation, obscuring, detraction and distraction, be a massive attempt to cover-up an equally or greater quantity of transgression(s) by the Obama administration.

The question(s) now should be, "What are we missing," and/or "What are they attempting to cover-up?"  The question now is "will the Trump administration follow through with a decisive challenge to the attack upon its personnel and endeavors, should the premise of a massive cover-up be true."

Another question is, "will Trump supporters, i.e., those voters that elected him, and allies that support him, provide sufficient support to aid his administration to best his opponents once and for all?"

Where do you stand, and what will you do, as this development in history unfolds before you?

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Millions for Iran In Exchange for Hostages? Baloney!

You know the story.  A hefty dose of millions has been given to Iran.  The story goes that the money was transported "secretly" in foreign denominations as "ransom" money in exchange for the release of hostages.  That's the big "controversy."  (You can read about THAT Here if you don't already know about it.)

Well if it's such a big secret, how do we know about it?

Ah.  Well, you know about it because someone on the "inside" leaked it to a reporter and now you have the info on this.

I am here to tell you, that is not how it went down.

My take is this:

The Obamistas, including Hillary, Kerry, and all the Bozo's on their bus saw a pile of money just sitting there, and an Iranian regime salivating over it, willing to do just about anything for it, so they can finance their "state-sponsored" terrorism.

So the Obamistas tell the Iranian ghouls:  "Hey, we can get that money released for you ... for a price.  How can we pull this off, you ask?  We deliver it to you in CASH.  And that's how you pay Obama and Company.  We make this "tiny" commission ($), and you get your money to finance Hamas and all your little terrorist friends around the globe.  While the media and pundits argue about whether it was an exchange for hostages, we bank the cash, and no one will be the wiser."

Please get with it.  These are the same people that have rigged elections and have been fleecing the American people, since just after the American Civil War.

"Millions for Iran" in exchange for hostages?